Marvel: Age of Heroes Exhibition


Marvel has come to Japan!

Pack your things and head to Nagoya City Science Museum located in Nagoya, Aichi, Japan to see the Marvel: Age of Heroes Exhibition! Come and experience the wonders of the works of Marvel. From drafts to comic books, the exhibit brings you back from its conception to what it has become today.


The exhibit also has a myriad of displays like little figurines of its superheroes and villains. What’s really cool about the exhibit is that you can see the costumes worn by the actors as seen in the movies. (You can see Marvel’s recent champion, Black Panther’s outfit there too.)

image1 (3)




Don’t miss the photo ops with the Hulk at the entrance of the museum and Tony Stark’s Hall of Armors. Also, make sure to witness first-hand the demonstration of the movement of plasma inside iron man’s arc reactor!




After the tiring walk around the museum, don’t forget to grab a grub at the Marvel Café~

Mandatory photo after the visit!


  • Photography is strictly prohibited in most areas of the exhibit except with signs that allows photo taking.
  • A discount of 200 yen will be effective if the ticket is bought in advance.
  • Tickets include the Science Museum admission. Additional charges apply for inclusion of the planetarium admission.
  • Re-entry isn’t allowed


Ticket Fee:

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〒460-0008 Aichi-ken, Nagoya-shi, Naka-ku, Sakae, 2 Chome−17−17-1

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The museum is open from 9am to 5pm, Admission hours is until 4:30pm. It is closed every Mondays (except April 30, 2018), every 3rd Friday of the month and on May 8, 2018.

The exhibition is only for a limited time, which is from March 17 – June 10, 2018, so what are you waiting for?

Marvel Japan



Three Shrine Pilgrimage for Love (恋の三社めぐり)

Visit the three shrines to have a good luck in love!


Located in Nagoya, the three shrines, namely Takamu Shrine (高牟神社) Yamada Tenmangu (山田天満宮) and Shiroyama Hachimangu (城山八幡宮) are said to grant you good fortune in love.

Upon visiting the shrine, visitors will need to get a paper in pink color and inside it is another paper called 願いの文or Wish Statement. In Yamada Tenmangu and Shiroyama Hachimangu, the pink papers are also placed somewhere the shrine, so visitors can take one and get it stamped by the officials. Visitors need to pay 100 yen per stamp in each shrine.

In my case the paper is already stamped when I bought it and I just have to pay for a hundred yen. And after collecting three stamps from each shrine, a souvenir is given regardless which shrine you came last. In addition to that, they will ask you to write in the Wish Statement.

Got my souvenir after completing the stamps!

So why are these shrines called the power spots of love?

  • In Takamu Shrine, it is believed that its water well has one of the best waters in Japan and is famous for granting longevity and a promise of romance once you drink it.


  • In Yamada Tenmangu, a stone of a couple snuggling who watches for everyone’s happiness in love can be spotted in the shrine. Throw a donation in the box on the left and touch the stone while asking for a wish.
  • The Renriboku in Shiroyama Hachimangu is known as the sacred tree for matchmaking and marriage. You can also touch this tree and make a wish! Beside the tree are wooden wishing plaques (ema) with people’s hopes and wishes written on it. The location of this tree is pretty tricky since it strays away from the shrine. If you want to get there, from the area between the parking and entrance of the shrine, walk on path to the left then to the curved path and you will notice a huge tree with a rope tied around it.

Here are the details about the three shrines:

Screenshot (123)

There is no decided sequence in which shrine you have to visit first, but since the shrines are a few blocks away from each other, it is recommended to visit the nearest shrine from your location first.

Here’s my recommended route if you depart from Nagoya Station:

Screenshot (124)

Aside from love luck, each shrine also offers various lucky charms and also grants different kinds of good luck so make the best out of your visit in all shrines!

古井の水 = 恋の水 because 恋 and 古井 are both read as Koi. Hence,  恋の水 may be a wordplay of 古井の水.

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