10 Places to visit this Autumn Season in Japan

Autumn is one of my favourite season in Japan. Come the “-ber” months and the air becomes chill, the leaves slowly turn red and the autumn colours grace the environment with its beauty. Have an ultimate fall experience by traversing to the most spectacular autumn spots in Japan!

Here’s a list of recommendations to fulfill your autumn foliage travel goals this fall season:

1. Arashiyama

Boat Tour on Katsura River

Arashiyama has been on the list of the must-visit tourist spots when in Japan. Its charm and popularity unwavering over the past years for obvious reasons, it has a lot of tourist attractions – the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kimono Forest, Tenryuji Temple, Togetsukyo Bridge, Monkey Park and the Boat Tour are some places of interest.

Location:  〒Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Ukyō-ku

2. Kiyomizudera Temple

Koyasu Pagoda (three-storied pagoda) in Kiyomizu dera

Kiyomizudera being one of Kyoto’s most popular temples offers an exquisite cityscape view of Kyoto from the main hall. The red leaves of the trees enveloping the temple and shrines around the area will look like fiery flames during sunset. Although the said historical structure is under renovation, it doesn’t hinder vacationers to enjoy the main hall.

Location:  〒605-0862 Kyoto Prefecture,  Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward, 1-chome, Kiyomizu 294

3. Bishamon-do Temple

Route towards the infamous stone steps where maple leaves fall

Bishamon-do is a temple wonder situated in the suburbs of Kyoto. It transforms into a wonderful spectacle when leaves turn red and fall on the stone steps.

Location: 〒607-8003 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Yamashina Ward, Anshuinariyamacho 18

4. Tofuku-ji Temple

Tsutenkyo Bridge

Tofuku-ji temple boasts a number of Zen gardens where visitors can appreciate the beauty of the dry landscape art. The view from the Tsutenkyo Bridge is not to be missed in the autumn season.

Location: 〒605-0981 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto, Higashiyama Ward,  Honmachi 15 Chome, 778

5. Korankei

Panoramic view of the Taigetsukyo bridge complemented by the mountain as the perfect backdrop

Autumn in Korankei won’t disappoint because of the autumn festival which lasts for a month. They also hold light-up events as the night falls.

Location: 〒444-2424 Aichi Prefecture, Toyota, Iimori Asukecho

6. Obara Fureai Park

Cherry blossoms in convergence with the deciduous plants in Obara Fureai Park

Obara Fureai Park is where spring meets autumn. Yes you read it right, you can see both cherry blossoms and maple leaves in Obara town located in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture.

Location: 〒470-0531 Aichi Prefecture, Toyota,  Obara-cho, Magohachi 456

7. Ena Gorge

Experience the Ena Gorge on the river with Enakyo Cruise

The Ena Gorge, located in Ena City, Gifu Prefecture is one of the off-beaten tracks you can visit. Enjoy the scenic area in a boat and spot some mysterious rock formations as you glide along the river.

Location:  Gifu Prefecture, Ena City, Oi-machi,  Okudo 2709-104

8. Meiji Mura

St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral on a distance

Get lost in the past and discover some of the structures built in Japan during the Meiji Period. Dress up either in a traditional Japanese school uniform or in a Western-style clothing.

Location:  〒484-0000 Aichi Prefecture, Inuyama, Uchiyama 1

9. Sobue Gingko

Yellow everywhere you go

Sobue is located in Inazawa City in Aichi Prefecture. In the middle of November, the leaves of about 10,000 gingko trees will turn yellow and will transform the place into a golden town.

Location: 〒495-0002 Aichi Prefecture, Inazawa, Sobue-cho, Yanagino Yamazaki 11

10. Nara Park

Deer paradise in Nara Park

Are you a deer whisperer? This is your chance to feed and take a selfie with the deer freely roaming around the Nara Park. Just a gentle reminder to try to be vigilant as some deer have the tendency to charge at tourists anytime.

Location: Nara Prefecture, Nara, Zoshicho 469



You cannot miss out Korankei Gorge located in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture. It is a favorite among tourists who visit Central Japan in autumn. Gracing the valley with colorful tones, no wonder each year the flock of visitors increase, making the place congested!

Getting off the bus stop in Korankei, the tourist spot is easy to distinguish because of the crowd. A single ginkgo tree will welcome you towards the valley. If you want to shoot without people getting your way, going to a different course is recommended. Instead of crossing the pedestrian lane, go down the stone stairs to enjoy the view of Korankei. As I arrived there, some of the photographers already claimed their spots to capture the beauty that is the same as what I captured:

Look at those stunning colors

While the afternoon view is a beau, wait until the golden hour happens and get surrounded by the stunning color variation of the valley. I got to witness the autumn colors in daylight and dawn when the trees are illuminated. The scenery in the afternoon and night varies greatly but both have their own charms. Production crews televised the crowd of people, interviewed some of their Korankei experience despite the cold windy weather and showcased the highlights of the illumination.

Autumn festival is held every November wherein lots of food stands line up along the streets. Also, there are a few restaurants where you can warm up from the chilly weather.

Magnificent even at night


How to get to Korankei from Nagoya Station:

1.       Go to Higashiyama Line (Platform 1 towards Sakae, Higashiyamakoen Fujigaoka) and drop off at Fushimi Station 3 minutes 700 yen
2.       From Fushimi Station transfer to Tsurumai Line and stay on the train until you arrive at Josui Station 42 minutes
3.       From Josui Station, go to the Toyota Oiden bus station 1 minute
4.       Ride the bus bound for Hyakunenso(百年草行)and alight at Korankei 1 hour 500 yen


Location: 444-2424 Aichi Prefecture, Toyota, Iimori Asukecho