Water suspension in summer

So last Friday, June 29, 2018 at 8 o’ clock in the morning, the Shimoyoneda Water District Supply has announced a temporary suspension of its water supply to the city of Minokamo City in Gifu Prefecture of Japan.


This is an unexpected ordeal to my family and the rest of the residents in the said city.  But as expected from our alert city officials, water supplies were dispatched everywhere to supply water to everyone. The quick response gave a relief to locals as they get their supplies from trucks patrolling the city. Drinking water are also being distributed that comes with a fancy design and the city’s name written on the bottle.


Such occurrence has never happened before since we moved here. In this intense heat the summer graced to us this year in Japan, we’re grateful for the quick response of this matter by the officials.

Suspension has been lifted off  the next day, June 30th, around 11 pm.