The Unexpected Trip with Mom


So here’s the thing: the purpose of the 2-day trip in Osaka is to attend the Hi-touch and Fanmeet alone, all by myself. But at the (not so) last minute, my mother tagged along. The day before the trip, I constantly asked her if she’s on board with my plan. I don’t want to trouble her after all.

I think mom tagging along with me puts her into a disadvantage. While I am enjoying myself with my beloved boy group, she’ll be bored waiting for me. Besides, I didn’t want to bother anyone to go with me in this trip because I figured solo backpacking is full of adventures and misfortunes – which makes the travel fulfilling. After confirming my booking in the hotel, I was surprised when my mom decided to come with me. I haven’t actually planned for an itinerary because I’m sure going to the event will take up most of my time.

Earlier that morning, we got lost tracking down the apartment we’re staying at. I booked the place because the host is a Filipina, and having ate as my host made me feel secure. Thank goodness the host allowed us to drop our baggage 6 hours earlier the check-in time (Salamat ate!). Although the accommodation price is quite high, having someone who we can contact comfortably regarding the lodging is more than satisfactory.

Fortunately, on the first day, as the hi-touch ended, my mom and I had a great time walking around the streets of Dotonbori. Upon arriving at the Ebisubashi, we took a handful of photos of the famous Glico man board, the iconic moving crab at Kani Douraku and the remarkable Pablo Cheesecake specialty shop:





On the second day, we carried our luggage with us as we traveled from the apartment to Grand Cube – where the fan meeting will be held by the same boy band. I was surprised that there was already a lengthy queue outside the venue despite the harsh cold weather. Since there is already a seating plan indicated on the ticket I didn’t mind resting somewhere warm and comfortable. We decided to grab some breakfast on the second floor which has a cafe on it. After waiting some time I went down to fall in line. The queue slowly moved from the entrance up to the fifth floor. Upon arriving at the hall, there was a crowd of fans going to and fro buying official merchandise, taking photos of the standees and writing questions for the boys. I squeezed my way into the crowd and proceeded directly to the auditorium after taking pictures of the standees (obligatory photo souvenirs because they’re too cute!)

During the fan meeting, the band’s fan service and witty spiels gave us some laughs and butterflies. Their performance got us fired up until the end as we danced along their songs. It was my first time meeting the band and I’m glad attended the 2-day event. The event was overall great. Every single penny is worth it.



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